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Hunan Xiangfu Building Material Chain Plate Conveyor Project

Hunan chain plate conveyor project details:

In the Xiangfu Building Material 200,000 t / y gypsum powder project, the raw materials are transported to the calcination of gypsum. The main equipments are: vibrating screen, crusher, bucket elevator, bag filter dust collector, chain plate conveyor, screw conveyor, etc. In the careful on-site inspection and price comparison of Manager Hu, Xiangfu Building Materials finally chose our company's conveying equipment and screening equipment, and intends to reach a long-term friendly relationship.

The equipments as follow

NO. Name Model Unit Quantity
1 China plate conveyor BL1400-18.6m set 2
2 China plate conveyor BL800-23.6M set 2
3 Screw conveyor LS400-6M set 4
4 Bucket elevator TH315-26.45M set 2
5 Vibrating screen DZSF1224-2 set 2



Feedback from the customer:

The production is adopted for production, which is convenient to use, easy to maintain, reliable in work, and the discharge fineness meets the requirements.